Looking for bikes - Tom Phillis
Young Tom
350cc Velocette (white tank),500cc Gold Star, BSA,
250cc Puch, 500cc Norton Domiracer (push rod),
125cc Ducati, 50cc Honda (single cylinder),125-twin Honda
250-four Honda, 285cc Honda (a bored out 250), 350cc BSA, 500cc Ariel,
350cc Norton
Others: Bantam BSA
Any others?

Debra Phillis
11/25/2011 17:06:37

1940 500cc Sunbeam captioned as "My first bike. A 1940 500cc Sunbeam. Taken at Molong" in family photo album.

3/29/2015 08:03:00

Interesting reading re your father. Do you by chance have any photos of a contemporary Norton racer called Austin Carson who was killed in Sweden in 1958. This was a series where your father also raced.

3/29/2015 21:55:17

Unfortunately Austin Carson is not named in any photos that I have, and I have not heard of a personal connection. The best source may be Motorcycling Ireland contact 01 8020480 or email office@motorcycling-ireland.com
Best of luck. Debra

4/3/2015 07:45:22

Hello Debra, Incredibly i have only just found a photo of Austin Carson leading your father in a race in 1958 in Sweden. This is the race where Austin was killed presumably only during the rest of this race. So it may be that you have another photo of Austin now that you know his race number (31) and the date 5/6 July 1958. PS Tom' s race number is 34. Lets see. Cheers Kevin.


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